Public Art Events that Combine Art and Ecology

Public Art Events that Combine Art and Ecology
The Earth Project

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Earth Project

The Earth Project is a site featuring a variety of public art projects created by my students at Florida State University. The courses, Art and Ecology and The Earth Project, are concerned with learning about and working in the local environment. They are comprised of three elements: service projects, art making and field trips with lectures. We have lectures from professionals that include environmentalists, naturalists, artists, writers, activists and educators in places like Turkey Hill Farms, Wakulla Springs, Marine Specimen Lab and Tallahassee Museum. We create collaborative and individual art projects in places like Millstone Plantation, Wakulla Springs, Tallahassee Museum and Paul Rutkovsky's Green Alley. Our service projects such as cleaning in and around sink holes are aimed to have direct positive impact in the Wakulla Springs Basin area. Although the course has a focus on Art and Biology, these backgrounds are not essential to fully participate in the course.
The Earth project is a course that is open to non-art majors and focuses a little more on field trips and service projects. This course received a grant from The Center for Leadership and Civic Education at FSU.

Objectives of the course:

-Learn about Local and World Wide ecological Issues
with lectures from artists,biologists, activists, environmentalists and writers

-Find out what Scientists and Artists are doing in response
with films, books, art shows, and lectures and taking educational field trips

-Participate in individual and collaborative service projects and Art making
by creating art installations, doing service projects that directly impact the health of natural areas.

Wakulla Birds

These are large puppets that I made while I was an Americorps member at Wakulla Springs (1/2008-12/2009). These are inhabited park volunteers and sometimes my students at Park events. They are also brought to demonstrations at the capital for issues on the environment.

Ibis and Boy

Ibis and Boy

Wakulla Birds

Wakulla Birds

The Florida Endangered Species mural

This Florida Endangered Species is a community painted mural that happened at Kleman Plaza in downtown Tallahasse, Florida that I organized in July 2007. The mural, spanning a section of construction fence between the Mary Brogan Museum of Art and the Challenger Learning Center/IMAX Theater, includes multiple panels created by a wide variety of Tallahassee artists and students, with each section highlighting a different endangered species native to Florida. The project was funded by the city of Tallahassee. Participating artists are, Rickards HS Art club, LeMoyne Teen Foundations Class, Susan Peacock, Bill Oterson, Julie Argue, Denise Drury, Donna Betts, C.L. Whitehead, Resa Goff, FSU Design Class, Andrew Ross, John Wilson, Doug Gillespie, Leslie Chin, Kathy Tripp and Maureen Raftey.

"There is future in plastic"

The Art and Ecology class made sculptures from recyclable materials. There were exhibited on March 19th at the Alley Sprout's art event that happened in Paul Rutkovsky's Green Alley.

A mural a SAIL High with students

In January I began meeting with students at SAIL High School. We learned about the wildlife, the beauty and the ecological concerns of the Springs. We also took a boat ride down the river. On May 12th we finished a mural featuring the Springs. We decided to make a pristine river before the effects of humans.

Suggested Readings and Films

*Peter Singer, "The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty"
*Michael Pollan, "Omnivore's Dilemma"& "In Defense of Food"
*David Suzuki, "Sacred Balance"
*Roderick Frazier Nash, "Wilderness and The American Mind"
*Lori Bongiorno, "
Green, Greener, Greenest"
*Robert Kenner, Food Inc", film
*Thomas Riedelsheimer, "Andy Goldworthy's Rivers and Tides" film
*Leonardo DiCapria, "The Eleventh Hour" film